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all osteopathic techniques structural, visceral and craniosacral.

Chromotherapy and LLT Laser Therapy

Osteopathy is a manual holistic therapy founded by  Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1882,

based on the concept that the human body is perfecty capable to assure its own defenses against illness and disease if it receives healthy and balanced nutrition and lives under normal circumstances. 

Any disturbance or physical,  emotional, or external influences such as contamination etc.

experienced by the body will sooner or later lead to an injury or dysfunction, a restriction of the correct movement and will consequently bring up symptoms.

osteopathic manipulations are taking into consideration all structures of the body:

bones, joints, inner organs, muscles, fascia, connective tissue etc. in order to reestablish the correct physiology of each individual, to improve balance and the correct interaction of all these structures to return the body`s original mobility. 

Osteopath at Work


posture is the alignment of each body respecting the forces of gravity.

A good posture means the best distribution of these forces through our own body. 

That intails a balanced muscle-skeleton system, that can protect us against injury and allows us to work efficiently. Good posture allows us at the same time  the correct position of all other structures - inner organs, fascia etc. so that all systems can perform at their maximum level.

Any direct trauma, accident, sports injury, whiplash, emotional stress etc. will sooner or later force the body to a new posture and will produce pain and postural changes that do not correspond to the person´s physiology.

Structural techniques used in Osteopathy are directed to correct lost mobility and reestablish the correct muscle - skeleton relation to give back lost harmony to our bodies. 

visceral osteopathy.jpg

Visceral techniques were mostly developed by French Osteopaths in the last century. 

Many people nowadays are still not aware that Osteopathy entails a great variety of techniques that were found to correcting lost mobility of inner organs too, instead of only correcting a vertebrae or joint. 

More and more people are concerned about taking strong medications and their unwanted side effects on our organs have put visceral Osteopathy in the spot light. And day by day it is becoming more and more popular due to its, very often astonishing, results.

Bad habits, junk food, drugs, tobacco consumption, viruses, bacteria, infections, affections of the autoimmune system, operations, scar tissue and more, are the causes of altered correct functionality of our organs.

Scars e.g. with their altered tissue will sooner or later influence not only in the correct functioning of an organ and its peristaltic movements, but will  also alter posture, joints etc. and cause muscle-skeleton pains. 

Visceral osteopathic techniques are directed to reestablish the intrinsic mobility and motility and will therefore improve the organ´s functionality, resulting in better circulation, better lymphatic drainage, better nerve transmission etc. 

Visceral osteopathic techniques are directed to improve dysfunctions of inner organs  :

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Craniosacral therapy was developed by the American Osteopath Dr William Garner Sutherland in the beginning of 1900. He discovered suttle intrinsic movements of the cefaloraquidic fluids, cranial bones, membranes and discovered that all these structures moved at a completely different rythm than other structures of the body.  

It is not difficult to understand, that all our bodily functions are influenced by the correct functioning of all cranial and spinal nerves, as all of them finally exit and enter our brain. 

Later on,  investigating during many years of practice and by studying his patients, he could give evidence that a restriction  and general state of health of a person. 

and that this restriction has a direct influence on the natural capacity of a body to heal itsself. 

Craniosacral therapy has developped from clinical experience, fact that proves that health is something active and not only absense of illness. 

Health is an expression of life, responsible for the organisation of millions of processes that happen non stop in our body. 

Craniosacral therapy has shown efficient with many general and local symptoms.

Restrictions due to direct trauma or due to other factors can provoke many symptoms such as vertigo, facial paralysis, temporal mandibular issues, etc. A great variety  subtle cranial techniques may help with all these issues and many more.

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individual evaluation

​Microsystems are  representations of all our bodily structures on certain parts of our body, such as:

hands, feet, ears, teeth ​​​​​​​​

By using light therapy these points and areas can be activated to improve and help with many ailments such as:

 - Emotional traumas of the past, that are causing psycosomatic illnesses.

 - sleeping disorders

- eating disorders, weight loss

- depression, panic attacks, fears

- balancing of energy pathways, aura, nervous plexuses and  chacras.​​​​​​​​​​​

and many more.

in a completely natural and painfree way (needle free) always trying to find the origin of these ailments.

The light is applied also to strategic acupuncture points and Chinese Meridians in order to normalise body functions, improve general health and especially to boost your general energy  levels.

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