Chromo and Auriculo therapy and other

 modern microsystems 

Microsystems are  representations of all our bodily structures on certain parts of our body, such as:

hands, feet, ears, teeth and head.


By using light therapy these points and areas can be activated to improve and help with many ailments such as:


 - All kind of pains and aches, joints, muscle, headaches


 - Emotional traumas of the past, that are causing psycosomatic     illnesses

 - addictions (tobacco, obesity, game addictions etc.)

 -  asma

 - food intolerances

 - dysfunctions of inner organs


 - sleeping disorders

- eating disorders, weight loss

- depression, panic attacks, fears


- balancing of energy pathways, aura, nervous plexuses and    chacras

and many more.


in a completely natural and painfree way (needle free) always trying to find the origin of these ailments.


The light is applied also to strategic acupuncture points and Chinese Meridians in order to normalise body functions, improve general health and especially to boost your general energy  levels.

There are many scientific investigations about the benefits of  Chromotherapy and LLLT laser therapy.

for any enquiries to see if we can help you with your problem,

do not hesitate in contacting us.

value. quality care. convenience.

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Parasanitary center for Osteopathy and holistic therapies
Centro parasaitario de Osteopatía & Terapias holísticas

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